Less paperwork
More time for essentials

Efficient order management and billing system for catering business

Focaria is a automated order processing and billing system that saves valuable time and frees up resources for more important things in the hectic catering business.

A clear digital order entry process saves your clients time and improves the entire customer experience.

Clear and up-to-date online menus make order processing easy and fast for your business clients.
Have an overview of your daily demand at a glance. Focarias automated order processing collects all orders on a daily basis from your business clients.
Create professional invoices quickly and accurately with Focaria.
Keep your customer information up to date and in one place with Focaria.

Human typing errors have been significantly reduced and the entire customer experience has improved. Ordering products is now easier and faster. I save about 1.5 hours every day with the FOCARIA system.”

– Teemu, Catering entrepreneur from Finland

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